Ascended Drumans (Old Design)


The Loremaster

The Explorer

Gender Male
Race(s) Undead
Level ?? (Boss)
Occupation Explorer



Location Militia Campfield
Status Active

Drulatar - Brother

Farner - Cousin

Concept And Creation

New Design is based on rogue tier 6 while the old was tier 9 paladin.


The Final Path

This form has been seen during the battle against Lich King. The transformation proccess started by causing schock bolts around Drumans, reviving him, breaking his helm and floated trough space, descending with a new power and an improved armor. At this transformation, the power of Drumans is equal to the Lich King and Tired Malygos. At this form Drumans also changes mentally, making an impression of low-talking and more action person.

As seen on the video, Ascended Drumans rushes and clashes with lich king giving him a balanced fight.

Theme Songs

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remix


Burning Eviscerate - A strong combo using both weapons from his hands (if haves two at this form) possible to match frostmourne power. When executing the attack, the user does a 360º spin before landing the blow and leave a burst of fire around the area.

Enrage - Performs an huge scream that is abble to cause a little earthquake around the area. Power becomes doubled for a limited amount of time.

Final Momentum - takes faster breaths and powers up to the maximum force this form can hold. Momentum takes 10 seconds to use and its necessary before fighting.

Ascended Rush - performs a fast sprint

Undead Slash - Slashes the enemy with his own hands pretending to be a sword.

Memorable Quotes

"I shall send you to heaven!"


"Give me your best!"



Drumans falling from space