The Loremaster

The Explorer

Gender Male
Race(s) Undead
Level ?? (Boss)
Occupation Explorer



Location Militia Campfield
Status Active

Drulatar - Brother

Farner - Cousin

Concept And Creation

Cataclysm (Cancelled)

This form was supposed to be used against Deathwing by using an "Unknown Power" or "Unknown Artifact" in order to reach it. At this form, Drumans is unable to maintain his high power and control.

In this form, his power level is much higher than Deathwing but weaker than Sargeras or The One.


Burning Eviscerate - Uses the Sword and rotates 360º degrees making a fiery whirlwind

Death Beam - Performs a death beam by his mouth.

Night Rush - Bursts into the air, and rushes hiting the enemy at high speed

Night Explosion - Hit the sword on the floor and releases an explosion effect around it

Undead Slash - hit the enemy with both hands in a fast number of times.

Concentrate - Uses an attack from previous forms

Memorable Quotes

"Devastation... for the weak!"'

"You shall have a taste... of my cursed sword"