Farner - The Shattered Sun


The Shattered Sun

Gender Male
Race(s) Undead
Level ?? (Boss)
Occupation Quest Finder



Location Unknown
Status Active

Drulatar - cousin

Drumans - Cousin

Concept And Creation

Farner design is based on rogue tier 8 gear. however he was seen with some major changes around Northrend.


The Undercity Massacre

Farner were one of the firsts Undeads being ressurected and helped Sylvanas defeating the scourge on Plaguelands and lost Drumans route for team leveling. However farner went to training in a lot of dungeons.

The Burning Crusade

Farner trained a lot around outland studying all types of rocks and natures around it. He went to the most terrifying dungeon heroics and grabbed a lot of skills and information regarding this zone. He participated in the fight against illidan. At the end of the Burning Crusade era, Farner found his cousin Drumans at the top of an huge mountain near hellfire peninsula. They had a duel that lasted for 3 hours and Ledgend stop their menace.

Wrath of the Lich King

Farner helped at trained a lot on Crusader's coliseum with Drumans and both defeated Anub'arak and cleaned naxxramas.

The Final Path

Farner decided to stay at undercity after the Sargeras attack protecting the city in case of a future plan from the burning legion. It is unknown if Farner is still at Undercity

Interaction with Other Characters

Ceifeiro - Ceifeiro had is solo time but helped Farner soloing the precious dungeons.

Drumans - The best cousin and best rival at same time. Both developed their strenght by competitions. They formed a perfectly coordinated team at all eras.

Ledgend - One of the best friends of farner. Both trained a lot in dungeons on Burning Crusade at Wrath era. Both combined had the Drumans Power and could even had a slightly advantage.

Sylvanas - Sylvanas reacts the same way to Farner as all undeads.

Acef - Farner and Acef coordinated Destruction Brothers on PVP and had a fun time.

Thrall - Farner most favorite horde leader. Thrall ever had a special attention to Farner and the rest of the family aswell.

Drulatar - Farner respect a lot Drulatar since everoyone know's that Drulatar shouldn't be ignored in any case.

Rest Of the World - Farner follow his own way and in case of contact someone he does it.


Farner is voiced by André.


Eviscerate - A strong combo using both weapons from his hands possible to even cut giant trees on the way. When executing the attack, the user does a 360º spin before landing the blow.

Stealth - Invisible mode.

ShadowStep - Instantly teleport to the enemy's back. This ability never appeared on any video.

Preparation - Refreshes own mind and get's stronger like the battle wasn't started yet.

Shadow Dance - Finisher move that Farner uses on emergency moments. The user get's a shadow aura and is abble to execute Stealth attacks unstealthed.

Memorable Quotes

"Join the Destruction Brothers."

"Ultimate Power."