The Mistery Door of the Hall that Seals the Most strongest being in the Universe


The Hall of heroes is a sanctuary where all data and DNA of every heroes is stored. It is rumored that this place is powered and protected by some sort of guardian which is unknown at the present. This place is not located on a finite space so in order to reach it you must enter a dimensional portal. The oxygen and other nutrients are compressed in this hall and blue holograms float around. inside those holograms hides the data of all heroes. At the middle there is a strangely shapped circle which seems to be the core of the wall. By the translation of the inscribed words we can discover that there is locked a creature abble to control space and time and it could means that the core is definetly a door to some sort of prison.


October 2010 - Drumans discovers The Hall of Heroes

December 2010 - Drumans and Unbreakable Team fought with Avatar (Prototype; Weak Copy) of The One Codenamed Eclipsans, preventing her to open the creatures hall.

Actual Date - The hall is unstabble and is rumored that the terrible and worst nightmare shall be awaken. although the chances are near to the impossible.