The One - Alternate Dimension Creature

The One (Physical Form) was created by the blood of The Legend at a distant house. The legend fallen from the staircase leaving a fatal injury on his chest and from that blood it created an exact human being codenamed The One. As explained on the The Legends Documents that he lost 90% of his power during the injury it is possible that The One is weaker than The Legend by a frame of 10%. By Physical biology The One and the Legend can be considered brothers.

Militia Campfield


Finger Beam - Launches a beam from the finger that may vaporize the target but consumes a lot of energy

Eviscerate - Strong melee combo that deals a lot of damage.

ShadowStep - Teleports behind the enemy instantly in a radius of 10 meters.

Future Sight - Predicts target's mind and abilities and may copy one that lasts for a month.

Ascencion - Turns into ascended Form. Power becomes Tripled.

Evil Spell - Sound rays that may confuse the target.

"Game Over" - Launches a violent rush that may instatly defeat the target but consumes ascended form.