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Tiger appeared on Militia Heroes since Burning Heroes Video Trailer

An UnbreakableBeast is a curse created by an unknown organization in order to protect the ancient Hall of Heroes and capture the most power possible in order to increase the true beast inside the Hall. When all 7 UnbreakableBeasts gather at the Hall, it is possible to open the Hall. A single UnbreakableBeast is capable of being stronger than Sargeras.


The UnbreakableBeast Tiger is a creature that was chosen to represent Determination. It can travel trough dimensions. Tiger have 2 forms: Creature Form and Nuclear Form. Creature form is composed by a shiny tiger while Nuclear Form is a red sphere cappable of dimension travelling.


Tiger is composed by: Core, Soul and Host. The Core is the physical data of the beast. The Core is unchangeable and its objective is to support the soul. The Soul is the Mental data of the beast. It contains the curse and all abilities. The Host is the person that is chosen to carry the 2 components explained before. The person that wields the beast get's it's power but however it's mind becomes totally mindless and corrupted. The Beast can decide how many hosts it can corrupt. In order to boost Determination Power the beast won't rest until it finds the correct person.

It is possible to separate the Core from the soul. It is rumored that The One is the soul of Tiger.


Dimension Travel - Chooses a target (person or item) and sends it to another dimension

Meteor Burst - Consumes all energy leaving the current dimension and launches a deadly meteor rain around the area that can kill instantly multiple targets.


"One less obstacle in our way."

"Noone can stop us! Noone!

"The Time has come to shatter this clockwork universe forever! I warn you...."

"Escape now, but soon the end will reach you no matter the costs."

"I should had destroyed you earlier. Come and embrace my fury!"